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How to Resize an Image in Elements

One Way to Resize Your Photos for Digital Projection Competitions

by Judy MacArthur

Here are the steps (using Windows XP)  to resize an image in Photoshop Elements 3.0 to the proper size for submitting as a
Digital Projection entry in a monthly GCC competition. These steps should work with some variation in any
other photo manipulation software:
  • Open your Photoshop program.
  • Open your image. (File>Open)
  • Go to Image>Resize>Image Size. Look to be sure Resample Image (at the bottom of the Image Size window) is not checked. If you see a checkmark, click in the box to turn off (uncheck) the checkmark.
  • Change your Resolution (under Document Size) to 72 pixels/inch.
  • Go back down to the bottom of the window and now click on Resample Image so the box is checked.
  • Go up to the top of the window to "Pixel Dimensions" to adjust the size of your image to match the digital projector. For a portrait mode/vertical image, set your height to 1200 and notice that the width will change to match the new height dimension. If your image is a landscape mode/horizontal image, change the width to 1920 and the height will also adjust.
  • Click on OK near the top right of the window.
  • Click on File>Save As. Make sure the Format you are saving in is JPEG (click on the down arrowhead to the right of the Format window to see the choices and select JPEG if JPEG does not appear right away in the Format window).
  • Highlight the File name box and type a new file  name with this information in this order: DivHYPHENTitle with spaces between the wordsHYPHENFirstNameSPACELastName.jpg.  Start with your division, using Adv for Advanced, Int for Intermediate, and Nov for Novice; type a hyphen without spaces;  follow the hyphen with a descriptive title for your photo, using spaces between the words of your title; type a hyphen without spaces; type your first name followed by a space; type your last name. (Example: Adv-Yellow Flower with Blue Background-Amy Jones.jpg)
  • Click Save. When the Jpeg Options window appears, set the Quality slider at 12 and observe the small black number that appears to the left in the lower section under SIZE. Depending on the color complexity of your image, the size will probably read somewhere between 1MB and 3MB.  If you see a number that is dramatically smaller or larger, consider it a sign that you need to review the steps you took to resize your image.  Click OK if the size is satisfactory.
  • You are now ready to submit this photo as an attachment to your preregistration email to the digital coordinator. Go to the GCC club web site, http:// gaithersburgcameraclub.org, and click on the appropriate (advanced, intermediate, or novice) digital entry link.
NOTE: If you have adjusted your camera's shooting mode to capture images in Adobe RGB (1998) color (best for printing) rather than the usual default, sRGB color (best for internet and projected images), you will want to convert the color profile of your digital competition images back to sRGB before you submit them so the colors project as accurately as possible. This is usually accomplished through the Edit menu of Photoshop. In CS2, for example, with the photo open, click on EDIT and read the very bottom of the list that opens, down to COLOR SPACES, where you will see the option to CONVERT TO PROFILE. Select this choice and if your photo's color profile is Adobe RGB (1998), you will see sRGB as the Destination Space. Click OK to select this option.

NOTE #2:  Changing an Adobe RGB (1998) file to sRGB can impact color detail, especially in red tones, so be sure to check the histogram of the image file before you send it to the digital coordinator. If you see an unacceptable amount of clipping, try these steps: In Photoshop, open Image>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation. Choose "Reds" for the Edit window, and move the Saturation slider down to correct the problem. The amount will vary depending your image, but start with -13. Check the histogram again to make sure the clipping is under control and the image looks good and adjust further if necessary.