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Points for Non-Club Competition/Publication

Receive Points for Non-Club Competitions or Photo Publication
  • Have you recently entered a non-Club competition or juried exhibit?
  • Have you had photos published in a printed commercial or educational publication?
If so, you can receive points toward a GCC merit award if the competition/exhibit has been sanctioned by the Club as having demonstrated a high standard regarding the quality of entries and the judging/selection process.
  1. Refer to Section VI of the Full Competition Rules for details.
  2. Review the List of Club-Sanctioned Competitions and Exhibits to see if the competition/exhibit qualifies.
  3. Complete the Points Submission Form (PDF).
  4. Submit the form to the Awards Chairperson at a club meeting. Be sure to attach copies of your published photos from the publication, if applicable. The form must be submitted no later than the last monthly competition meeting of the club year to ensure consideration for year-end awards.
  5. You may nominate a competition or juried exhibit for "club-sanctioned" status (or recommend deletion of such status) by submitting the Club-Sanctioned Competition Nomination and Elimination Form to the Awards Chairperson or the Club President.