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Club Officers and Committees

GCC 2017-2018 Board of Directors


Mel Sessa

Vice President

Larry Dean


Judy MacArthur


Alan Zipp

Co-Awards Chair

Frank Cerra

Co-Awards Chair

Bidyottam Mittra

Digital Coordinator

Rich Marcus

Exhibits Chair

Sharyn Greberman

Hospitality Chair

Walter Daku


Rawligh Sybrant

Membership Chair

Barbara Statas

Newsletter Editor

Cora Rosenhaft

Prints Coordinator

Mike Pratt

Program Chair

Ed Palaszynski

Judge Chair

Sabine Dickens

Field Trip Coordinator

Haleh Forouhesh


Loan Tran

Board Member at Large

Deborah Gillham

Board Member at Large

David DiPaola

Board Member at Large

Elliott Kagan

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, please contact President Mel Sessa by email at melsessa@msn.com. It helps the club and is a lot of fun!

GCC 2017-2018 Standing Committee Members and Support Positions

Awards Committee

Liz Lawrence

Hospitality Committee

Walter Daku

Hospitality Committee

France Marcoux

Website Committee

Mike Abbett

Social Media Coordinator

Suzanne Lugerner

Asbury Liaison

John Villforth

PSA Representative

Judy MacArthur