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On-line Gallery

Our members enjoy assembling their photos into slide shows to share with each other. Here are some of our members' favorite shows:

  • Sabine Dickens
    This link leads to several of Sabine's slide shows. We enjoyed the France slide show at the 2009 Holiday Party while the Wintry Mix slide show couldn't be shown because of some technical difficulties. There are also some slide shows from previous meetings, so Sabine hopes you enjoy those, too.

Test Slideshow


Gallery of Winning Entries ‎(Test Only)‎



<script src='http://www.yogile.com/embed/e63c8282-fb23-11df-af3e-404038f9156e.js?v=1.0&amp;sort=caD&amp;width=650&amp;height=438&amp;caption=false&amp;auto=false&amp;upload=false' type='text/javascript' charset='utf-8'></script>