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About the GCC Forum

The GCC Forum provides a place for some interaction between members outside of club meetings and other events. Members can start and contribute to "discussions" about club events, contests and photography. After registering for access to the system, members will be able to submit topics for discussion (known as threads) and communicate with each other using messages (referred to as posts).

The GCC Forum provides a unique opportunity for members participating in the forum to increase their knowledge about photography, continue to build bonds with each other, and form bonds with groups around varous topics of interest.

Daily Digest

Q: What is the Daily Digest?
A: It's an email sent daily to notify members that there are new replies to topics they've participated in.  This means you either started the topic or replied to it.

Q: What if GCC members don't want to receive a Daily Digest?
A: You can opt-out of these emailings from the 'Edit Profile -> Email Notifications' screen.  You can also opt-out at the bottom on any Daily Digest Email.

Q: I want instant notifications of replies to topics I'm tracking.
A: That is an email notification the vendor will offer in the future.
Q: How come I haven't received a Daily Digest?
A: If you haven't receive one:
  • Maybe there were no new replies to topics you participated in.
  • It's also possible that you've opted out of this notification, so please double check your notification preferences 'Edit Profile -> Email Notifications'.  

How to Register for the GCC Forum

  1. Access the GCC Forum
  2. Select the link to register and follow the instructions.  Please provide your full name in the message section.
  3. Wait 2-3 days for "approval" by forum moderator (Loan Tran)