The Gaithersburg Camera Club primarily serves upper Montgomery County, though members come from all over. The club is meant for camera enthusiasts of varying skills and interests. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings with or without a member.

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Meetings are held twice per month!Visitors are welcome to attend any meeting as our guest to learn more about the club prior to joining.------------------------------------------

Due to pandemic we are meeting virtually for the foreseeable future
------------------------------------------Speaker Night Meeting: 9/13/2021 - 7:00PM - Remotely through ZoomSpeaker: Ed PalaszynskiTopic: Focus StackingEd’s photographic journey has taken him into the areas of historical documentation, architecture, motor sports, nature and fine art photography. He has developed and taughtnumerous photography classes at Montgomery College and workshops for individuals and clients of Mac Business Solutions and Capital Photography. Click website, bio or/and topic for details.
---------------------------------------Please note that Digital Entries are due by midnight Monday 9/20/2021
Competition Night Meeting: 9/27/2021 - 7:00PM - Remotely through ZoomTheme: OPENJudge: Sandi CroanSandi specializes in landscape, nature, and travel photography with an eye for capturing the unique and creating fine art for homes and offices. She also is a speaker and serves as a judge for area photographic clubs, competitions and exhibitions, as well as mentoring high school photography enthusiasts. Click website or bio for details.

End Of Year 2021 Competition


Theme: OPEN

(Click on an image to see all competition winners)
Little Lost Bunting - Carol Gregoire - Intermediate Digital, 1st
Nectar Attraction For A Fruit Bat - Elliott Kagan, Advanced Digital, 1st
Rainbow Thread - Cheryl Gillerman - Intermediate Digital, 2nd
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