The Gaithersburg Camera Club primarily serves upper Montgomery County, though members come from all over. The club is meant for camera enthusiasts of varying skills and interests. Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings with or without a member.

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Meetings are held twice per month!Visitors are welcome to attend any meeting as our guest to learn more about the club prior to joining.------------------------------------------


Due to pandemic we are meeting virtually for the foreseeable future
------------------------------------------Speaker Night Meeting: 1/10/2022 - 7:00PM - This meeting will be hybrid. You can choose to attend in person at Asbury OR via zoom. Asbury's COVID protocols remain in effect. Masks are required. Complete this prescreening from your PHONE within 12 hours of arrival: https://986labs.formstack.com/forms/myentryform_hipaa_asbury
Topic: Editing ChallengeSeveral experienced photo editors will all present the same photos edited in their own way. The photos to be edited will be ones previously collected from members of the Gaithersburg Camera Club. There will be 3 editors presenting different edits of the same photos. Each editor will speak on their work, and once all three editors have presented their version of that photograph, there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Then the next photo will be presented by each and so on.
---------------------------------------Please note that Digital Entries are due by midnight Monday 1/17/2022
Competition Night Meeting: 1/24/2022 - 7:00PM - Remotely through ZoomTheme: Still LifeJudge: Joel HoffmanHe is an attorney concentrating his practice in the area of business law and construction litigation. At the same time, he has had an active photography business. He is a certified MPA Judge and has been a member of NBCC for 30 years. He has served as its president as well as many other positions in the organization. Click on his bio for details.

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November 2021 Competition Winners

Theme: OPEN

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NJ 911 Ghosts, Henry Hartt, Advanced Digital, 1st

Durbin Rocket Comes Home, Carol Gregoire, Intermediate Digital, 1st

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