The Gaithersburg Camera Club primarily serves upper Montgomery County, though members come from all over.  The club is meant for camera enthusiasts of varying skills and interests.  Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings with or without a member.

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Parker Hall - Asbury Methodist Village, Gaithersburg, MD

Meetings are held twice per month!Visitors are welcome to attend any meeting as our guest to learn more about the club prior to joining.
Speaker Night Meeting - 2/12/2024 - 7pmSpeaker: Nikhil BahlTopic: Macro Photographya full time professional photographer, author, educator, workshop instructor and environmentalist residing in the Washington D.C. area. Drawing inspiration from nature, Nikhil adopts novel approaches and seeks meaningful interpretations. Click his bio for details.
Entry Submission/Registration are due by midnight 2/21/2024
Competition Night Meeting - 2/26/2024 - 7pmTheme: OPENJudge: Cynthia KeithCynthia is a native Washingtonian. Her specialty is garden landscape photography, a marriage of her vision for the grand landscape and intimate flower portraits. Click her bio for details.

Field Trips

George Washington's Birthday Celebration  - 2/19/2024Celebrate the 1st president of the US at his beloved home at Mt. Vernon. Witness the official presidential wreath-laying ceremony, hear musical demonstrations, and more. Visit this website or click this for details. Please sign up for this field trip.
Kogod Courtyard/National Portrait Gallery - 2/24/2024Kogod Crt fills with around 350 live orchids, feature a newly commissioned and loaned works by multimedia artist Phaan Hwong. Visit this website or click this for details. Please sign up for this field trip.
US Botanic Garden - 4/20/2024The US Botanic Garden is a living plant museum, one of the oldest botanic garden in North America .  Visit this website or click this for details. Please sign up for this meetup trip.
Hackerman House - 5/18/2024Located in the Walter Arts Museum. represented the height of elegance and convenience in the mid-Nineteenth century. Visit this website or click this for details. Please sign up for this field trip.
Giant Lady Liberty Statue - 8/5/2023 - 7/28/2024A 25-foot long "Reclining Liberty" is displayed at Contemporary Art Museum in Arlington, VA. Visit this website, or click this for details.

January 2024 Club Competitions

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Theme - High Key/Low Key 

Oasis, Mike Uhart, Advanced Digital, 1st

A Simple Calla Lily, Stephanie Banks, Intermediate Digital, 1st 

Potomac fisherman, Mike Jones, Novice Digital, 1st

Prayer, Anis Khan, Advanced Color Print, 1st

Family Bond, Wendy Dinova-Wimmer, Advanced Digital, 2nd

Alaska Fog, Dave Oakes, Intermediate Digital, 2nd

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In Memoriam

Larry Dean Photographer of the Year Award – Color Print

This year the Gaithersburg Camera Club lost a valued member of our club, Larry Dean.

Larry was a very active member of the Gaithersburg Camera Club for many years.  He served in multiple positions including President, Vice President, and Treasurer.  He was known for his wonderful photographs which won many awards both within the club and in the wider community, such as the county fair.

Larry was an enthusiastic travel photographer, equally adept at making portraits of people encountered and grand landscapes.  He was also known for his willingness to share his knowledge and help other photographers.  His willingness to help others extended well beyond photography and the camera club.  Larry was a family man and dedicated to helping his community. 

Since Larry was so prolific in the print competition category with numerous wins, the Gaithersburg Camera Club Board of Directors voted to change the name of the Color Print – Photographer of the Year Award to the Larry Dean Photographer of the Year Award – Color Print. 

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