GCC Lending Library

GCC Lending Library on Wheels

The GCC Lending Library on Wheels is one of the benefits of club membership.

    • Before the monthly meetings, browse through this bibliography and make requests for a particular reference to be brought to the next GCC meeting. Refer requests to Geoff Hornseth

    • During the monthly meetings, browse through the books, instructional DVDs, and Photographic Society of America (PSA) Journals. Any reference may be borrowed for two (2) weeks.

To enjoy this privilege, members are asked to follow these rules.

    1. Check out an item by neatly printing your name, title of reference, and e-mail address on the appropriate sign out sheet attached to the appropriate clip board for Books, DVDs and/or PSA Journals.

    2. Return checked references at the next meeting in two weeks. You can sign out an item again if no one else has requested it. However, the checked reference must be returned in two weeks.

    3. Treat the reference with respect once it is in your care. Avoid any physical damage to these treasured items.

Questions or Reference Requests? Contact Geoff Hornseth