Quick Rules for Monthly Competitions

1. Dues paid for September thru June.

2. Maximum of four entries in any one month for novice and intermediate competitors, three entries for advanced.

3. Maximum of two entries per class: mono print, color print, digital projection; exception: one digital entry for the advanced class.

4. Timeliness: Entries must have been taken within the previous 24 months.

5. Origination: All entries must be entirely the original work of the competitor. All images and all components in a montage, HDR, panoramic, or other composite image must be photographs taken by the competitor, using a camera, no earlier than 24 months prior to the month of the competition.

6. Repeats: An entry or others having the same significant creative content may not be submitted to more than 3 GCC monthly competitions (see Full Competition Rules).

7. The significant creative content of an entry must differ from the maker's previous GCC ribbon winners.

8. No previous GCC ribbons (except in June’s “End of Year” contest); no signing; no visible ID; no comments during judging. Note: Judge’s decision is final. Multiple entries having the same significant creative content may not be entered at a given competition meeting (see Full Competition Rules).

9. All entries must be pre-registered by midnight of the Wednesday preceding the competition meeting. Digital entries must be emailed as attachments. (See Digital Entry Requirements for sizing and special file-naming instructions.) Print entries must be pre-registered via the online form (see Print Entry Requirements) Watch for the Awards Team’s email listing all the pre-registered entries and check to be sure yours are listed.

10. Bring print entries to the competition meeting and place them on the tables provided before the beginning of the competition meeting. Please initial your titles on the entry lists provided to verify their presence.

11. Prints: Maximum size: 16x22 including mat (panoramas exempt), 16x20 preferred for ease of handling at our light box; must be securely attached to a stiff paper-based or foamcore mounting board; a securely attached window mat is optional—white, black, grey, or ivory only; no frames, gallery wraps, metal prints, standouts, etc.

12. Print Labeling: Descriptive photo title (see File name in #2 of Digital Entry Requirements), maker’s name, division (“novice” or “intermediate” or “advanced”), class (“color print,” “mono print”), directional arrow (very important!) must be on the back of each print.

Special note: Digital images and print pre-registration must be received in correct form by the deadline or risk disqualification. Be sure your entries meet all the competition requirements including originality, date of capture and the complete work of the competitor. Contact a board member if you need help. Contact info is on the web site and in every newsletter.