Competition Themes

  • Monthly contest entry limit is 4 images.

  • Exception - Advanced Class, entry limit is 3 images, with only 1 image in Digital Projection.

2021 - 2022

2022 - 2023

Themes description:

October 2021 - WILDLIFE: An image of one or more live animals in its/their natural habitat, either in action (eating, fighting, moving) or still. Entries will be considered for the annual Glennie competition, so should not be digitally altered beyond standard processing (cropping, contrast, saturation etc.). Photographs of pets, domesticated, farm or captive animals, or those in which objects have been digitally added or removed are not eligible.

January 2022 - STILL LIFE: An image of a group of inanimate objects that has been arranged by the photographer, in either artificial or natural light; includes food.

March 2022 - IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD: An exterior image captured locally, including in the photographer’s yard, neighborhood, or anywhere in his/her county.

May 2022 - MUSIC: An image in which the main subject clearly relates to some aspect of musical art. Subjects may include instruments, sheet music, musicians, singers, dancers, or people enjoying music in some form.

October 2022 - WATER - The primary subject must be water in its liquid or solid form. It may be depicted as if moving or still, and in any aspect, from droplet to seascape.

January 2023SHADOWS - A shadow, or shadows, cast upon any kind of surface must be the main subject. The source of the shadow(s) may be included, but should not “overshadow” (draw the viewer’s eye from) the primary subject.

March 2023PEOPLE - The subject must be one or more persons of any age. Candids, formal portraits, and environmental portraits are eligible, as are images showing people doing an activity.

May 2023REPETITION/PATTERNS - Each entry must feature some form of repetition as its subject. Subjects can be repeating patterns created by natural or manmade objects. They may be found or created in the digital darkroom from eligible photographs, those captured within the previous two years.