Competition Themes

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2023 - 2024  

2024 - 2025  

2025 - 2026  

Themes description:

October 2023 - IN THE KITCHEN - Any image of subject(s) found readily in a contemporary household kitchen (rather than in a restaurant, food service setting, or historic display). 

January 2024HIGH KEY OR LOW KEY - Any monochrome or color image that has been exposed to make deliberate use of lighting and contrast (or lack thereof) to create a specific mood.  High Key photos will generally have a white or near white background with minimum shadows, while Low Key photos are just the opposite, a dark or black background with deep shadows on the subject.   

March 2024LANDSCAPE -  Any image captured outdoors of a wide, natural scene, rather than a close-up or a single subject. Signs of development must be minimal; may include a body of water, but not as the main subject.  

May 2024CHURCHES AND/OR GRAVEYARDS -  Any interior or exterior image of a place of worship or burial. Entries may include one or both subjects. 

October 2024 - ABSTRACT - An artistic image whose subject is not easily identifiable.  The subject may be natural or manmade. 

January 2025ARCHITECTURE - The main subject must be a building or part thereof    

March 2025INSECTS AND SPIDERS -  The main subject must be one or more insects and/or spiders.  

May 2025SHOOTING THROUGH  SOMETHING -  The main subject must have been photographed for special effect through another substance, such as textured glass, smoke, fog, rain, gauze, flowers, etc.  

October 2025 - REFLECTIONS - The main subject must be a reflected image.  The source of the reflection may be omitted from the composition or included.  

January 2026TEXTURES - The image must emphasize the surface variations of the subject, which may be natural or manmade.     

March 2026TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY -  The main subject must portray features of the land, buildings, people, or culture.   People, if included, should be incidental, unposed and natural.   

May 2026SHAPES -  The visual composition of the image must clearly reflect one or more recognizable shape(s) (circle, square, triangle, etc.).