Competition Themes

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2022 - 2023  

2023 - 2024  

Themes description:

October 2022 - WATER - The subject must be water in its liquid or solid form.  It may be depicted as if moving or still, and in any aspect, from droplet to seascape. 

January 2023SHADOWS - A shadow, or shadows, cast upon any kind of surface must be the main subject.  The source of the shadow(s) may be included in the composition, but the shadow(s) must be most prominent.  

March 2023PEOPLE -  The subject must be one or more persons of any age.  Candids, formal portraits, and environmental portraits are eligible, as are images showing people doing an activity. 

May 2023REPETITION/PATTERNS -  Each entry must feature some form of repetition as its subject.  Subjects may be repeating patterns created by natural or manmade objects. 

October 2023 - IN THE KITCHEN - Any image of subject(s) found readily in a contemporary household kitchen (rather than in a restaurant, food service setting, or historic display). 

January 2024HIGH KEY OR LOW KEY - Any monochrome or color image that has been exposed to make deliberate use of lighting and contrast (or lack thereof) to create a specific mood.  High Key photos will generally have a white or near white background with minimum shadows, while Low Key photos are just the opposite, a dark or black background with deep shadows on the subject.   

March 2024LANDSCAPE -  Any image captured outdoors of a wide, natural scene, rather than a close-up or a single subject. Signs of development must be minimal; may include a body of water, but not as the main subject.  

May 2024CHURCHES AND/OR GRAVEYARDS -  Any interior or exterior image of a place of worship or burial. Entries may include one or both subjects.