Print Entry Requirements

Print Entries (Color and Monochrome)

1) Refer to Competition Rules for complete information.

2) Prepare Your Photo. Photos are to conform to the following specifications:

    • Label the Photo: The entry's title, competitor’s name, class of entry ("Color Print" or "Monochrome Print") and division (e.g., "Novice", "Intermediate," or "Advanced") shall appear on the back of the entry. Place a directional arrow on the back of the photo to indicate the top edge of the print. Clearly written labels will ensure each photo is placed in the correct group for the judge.

    • Image Size: The maximum size for prints is 16x22-inches, including the mount. No restrictions for panoramic images. There is no minimum size.

    • Mount: Loose prints are not eligible. Attach each photo by double sided tape or adhesive spray to a sturdy mat board or foamcore. No frames, gallery wraps, metal prints, standouts, etc. An additional overmat (also called window mat) is not required, but most members use them. The overmat must be securely attached to the photo's sturdy back mount. Photos attached only to an overmat, or windowmat, without a solid backmat, are not eligible for competition. Mount and overmat color may be white, ivory, gray, or black.

3) Register Your Photo Before the Deadline. Submit the titles of your photograph(s) before midnight on the Wednesday prior to the competition.

4) Check Your Entry. Before the Monday competition, the Print Coordinator will send an email listing the entries submitted. Verify that your entry is included on the form. Contact the Print Coordinator if you have any questions.

5) Deliver Your Entry. Upon arrival at the competition meeting, place your print(s) on the appropriate table based on class and division and initial the associated entry list to be found on the same table.