Club Exhibits Overview

From time to time, typically once a year and sometimes more often, the Gaithersburg Camera Club sponsors an exhibit of members’ photographs at an area gallery. This gives our participants the opportunity to gain experience exhibiting their work at a formal gallery and possibly the chance to sell an image. The specific details and entry requirements pertaining to a specific exhibit will generally be announced a few months in advance of the exhibit opening. Although those specifics may vary somewhat from exhibit to exhibit, this overview is intended to provide insight into what one might generally expect.

GCC members will be invited to submit up to a certain number of images in digital form. These images should be sized as they are for a club digital projection competition (see the Competitions Tab of this website) and must be submitted to the specified individual by the stated date. Although there are exceptions, generally there is no theme and no time limit on when the images were taken. A committee of club members or an outside juror (if the gallery requires the exhibit to be juried) will select the images to be included in the exhibit from the total that were submitted. Members whose images were selected will be notified by email and will be provided with specific instructions for preparing their images for exhibit and delivery to the gallery. It is imperative that selected photographs be delivered to and picked up from the gallery during the specified time period.

Generally, exhibited photos may be offered for sale although it is not required. New exhibitors are frequently in a quandary as to how to price their photographs. Suffice it to say that the prices our members typically ask range between $75 and $225. The gallery often takes a commission so you may want to consider that in pricing you images.

A label should be placed on the back of the framed photos indicating the title of the image, the maker’s name and contact information and the sale price or “NFS” (not for sale).

Although there may be exceptions, generally the matted size of the photograph should be 16” X 20” and the image itself should ideally be 11” X 14” or 11” X 15”. It is imperative that the framing adhere to gallery standards which means:

  • The photo should be mounted on a sturdy board with a mat of at least 2 inches width all the way around.

  • The frame should be sturdy and made of either wood or metal; it must be deep enough to accommodate the board, mat and photo. Some cheap frames can handle only a single sheet of paper. The frame, whether of wood or metal, must be securely assembled with all joints tightly fastened. A frame that is not securely assembled will not be hung because it may fall apart.

  • While some galleries will accept any color frame and mat, other galleries require black frames with white mats. Even if the gallery permits colored mats, it is best that mats be of a neutral color if not white.

  • The frame must have a taut picture wire on the back for hanging. If the wire is not tight, the frame will hang away from the wall. The wire should be placed approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top of the frame. The brackets to which the wire is fastened must be securely fastened to the frame. Sawtooth hangers are not acceptable.

  • Either glass or Plexiglas may be used; the choice is yours. If glass is used, clean both sides prior to assembly. Also ensure all dust or other debris is blown or brushed away prior to assembly; anti-static brushes and canned air work well.

There are numerous instructional YouTube videos that show you how to frame a picture. A sampling of these videos are listed below. Consider watching them if it is not clear as to what is required.

Presenting Your Photographs:!

Mounting photo and mat:!

Cleaning Picture Frame Glass:!

Inserting Art into Frame:

Final Assembly of Wooden Frame with Plexiglas:

Metal Frame Assembly -- Part 1:

Metal Frame Assembly -- Part 2:!

Attaching Hanging Wire to Frame:!

There are many more videos on picture framing at Just go there and search for any topics in which you are interested that may not be covered here.

Also, there are several books on picture framing available from the Montgomery County Libraries – see:^SUBJECT^GENERAL^^words+or+phrase&library=ALL&user_id=webserver&password=".